• Pierre Hulsebus

Here We Go - Podcast on the way

Podcast is on the way. I am working on content and "Hitting Record" and getting it going. It is a bit of an adventure, I like adventures. After 32 Years in technology sales it is time to start giving away my wisdom and insight. I started doing retail sales in a computer store in 1989, 32 years later I am a Technical Sales Black Belt for Microsoft. I also work with non profits, startups, students, and entrepreneurs trying to sell their ideas, trying to get their first gigs. Trying to pay the bills. So I am sharing all my tricks and core principals that will help you make that happen. I want to get some podcasts in the bag as I start this. And the first one is up and running. A little rough around the edges but it will get better. I have learned to summon the courage enough to suck at something new.

So lets put the top down and "Get-R-Done" Here she is click below to go to Spotify to listen to my First Show. It takes a few days, then it will get propagated out to all the other platforms too.

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